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Our mission is to provide every student with an innovative 21st Century learning experience

Tuition Free

As a public charter school, Lonestar Academy offers students in Plano & Richardson tuition-free advanced academics.

Small Classrooms

Smaller classes allow our teachers to put more focus on individually helping students, providing more personalized learning.

Grades K-3

Lonestar Academy offers students in Grades K-3 the tools necessary to excel in their future and academic careers.

Stem Curriculum

Focusing on science and technology, our curriculum incorprates technical learning with real life applications.

Welcome To Lone Star Language Academy

Lone Star Language Academy is a tuition free charter school that provides every child the opportunity to be challenged and educated with a level of rigor and engagement that meets their individual needs. Every teacher is highly qualified and attends ongoing professional development to expand their level of teacher efficacy and continue to provide students an education using research based, best practices.

LSLA provides students with an innovative twenty-first century learning experience, foreign language programs, and a highly engaging, structured after school program. It is our belief that with our students, their parents and our community, together we will create an educational environment of excellence where every child succeeds.

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Our Programs

At Lone Star Language Academy, we aim to provide every student with an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that emphasizes engagement and experiences.

STEM Curriculum

Our STEM curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and learning through the application of knowledge to real-life situations.

Gifted & Talented

Our Gifted & Talented track allows even our smartest students to be consistently challenged and engaged during class.

Foreign Language

Offering both Spanish and Hebrew tracks, we allow parents to be involved in choosing their child’s second language early on.

Singapore Math

Focusing on visualization, it is about drawing connections, supporting the thinking process, and instilling comprehensive understanding.

MYON Digital Library

Our library helps students enjoy reading by exposing them to new, exciting suggestions based on their interests and ability levels.

Discovery Education

The Discovery Education suite allows our students to tap into the world around them through their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

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Our Facility

Lone Star Language Academy has an upscale facility that caters to creativity, interaction and learning.

  • A great location that is next to the Campus at Legacy Offices
  • Our lunch room and common areas allow students to freely socialize
  • An after school program that focuses on athletics, cooking classes, technology, art and music
  • Our gym and outside area let students participate in recreational activities